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10.7 mm


1.60 mm




12mm – 50mm


steel /stainless steel




10000pcs / box, 12-20 Boxes / carton

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Product Description


Introducing the N Series Fine Wire Staple Nails, your ultimate choice for construction and upholstery work. These narrow crown staples are crafted from high-quality fine wire, making them the perfect fit for fastening materials like fabric, wood, and insulation with ease. With a width of just half an inch and various lengths ranging from 12MM to 50MM, you’ll find that the N Series Fine Wire Staple Nails are an essential addition to your toolkit. Use them with any pneumatic staple gun for seamless operation and a secure hold.


For the best results, it’s crucial to use a pneumatic staple gun that’s designed to work with fine wire staples. This will guarantee that your staples function smoothly and don’t cause any damage to your materials. To experience the full range of benefits that our high-quality N Series Fine Wire Staple Nails offer, we recommend doing thorough research and finding a compatible staple gun. With the right staple gun, you can enjoy a seamless operation and a secure hold for all your construction and upholstery needs.





N12 10.7 mm 1.60mm 1.40mm 12 ± 0.3mm
N20 10.7 mm 1.60mm 1.40mm 20 ± 0.3mm
N25 10.7 mm 1.60mm 1.40mm 25 ± 0.3mm
N30 10.7 mm 1.60mm 1.40mm 30 ± 0.3mm
N35 10.7 mm 1.60mm 1.40mm 35 ± 0.3mm
N40 10.7 mm 1.60mm 1.40mm 40 ± 0.3mm
N45 10.7 mm 1.60mm 1.40mm 45 ± 0.3mm
N50 10.7 mm 1.60mm 1.40mm 50 ± 0.3mm


At our company, we’re committed to providing you with only the best quality products. That’s why we use only the finest galvanized wire in the production of our N Series Fine Wire Staple Nails. With each nail coated with at least 40g/m2 of galvanized material, you can rest assured that our nails are highly corrosion-resistant and rust-proof. This means that our nails are not only durable but also long-lasting, providing a secure and reliable hold for all your construction and upholstery needs. With our N Series Fine Wire Staple Nails, you can work with confidence and without the worry of corrosion or rust.


Looking for a strong and low-profile hold? Our N Series Fine Wire Staple Nails are the perfect choice for a range of applications. The narrow crown design of these staples allows for a greater number of staples to be used in a small area, resulting in an even stronger hold. These versatile staples are commonly used for securing trim and molding, attaching fabric to furniture frames, fastening insulation to walls and ceilings, and other applications such as automotive upholstery, vinyl, fabric, leather, furniture upholstery, and screens. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional carpenter, our N Series Fine Wire Staple Nails provide the ultimate solution for all your needs.


We can customize the packaging according to customers’ requirements。