Clipped Head Nails – The Essential Tool for Framing and Construction

Jul 20, 2023 | NEWS

From fastening wooden structures to attaching drywalls and insulation, nails are an indispensable part of any construction project. However, not all nails are created equal. One type of nail that offers superior performance for wood framing and joining is a clipped head nail.

Clipped head nails, also known as round head nails or chisel point nails, feature a flat and clipped nail head. The clipped or rounded edges of the nail head allow the nail to be driven flush into wood material with minimal splitting. They have a variety of applications from joining wood studs to fastening deck boards and trim pieces.

China 21 Degree Clipped Head Nails Supplier– Tell Why They Are Best for Wood Framing

Among the available types of clipped head nails, 21 degree nails are most commonly used for framing applications. They have a 21-degree point angle and offer the optimal combination of holding power, ease of driving, and minimal wood splitting.

Compared to other nail point angles like 30-degree and 15-degree nails, 21-degree nails provide:

• Higher withdrawal and shear values: Their inclined point angle of 21 degrees and angled shank provide maximum friction and holding power in wood material.

• Reduced splitting: Their moderate point angle allows nails to enter wood with less resistive force, reducing wood splitting compared to sharper 15-degree nails.

• Ease of driving: They have a point angle that effectively separates wood fibers for easy nail driving without requiring excessive hammering force.

All these factors make 21-degree clipped head nails an excellent choice for heavy-duty framing applications involving soft wood like spruce, pine and fir.

Stainless Steel Framing Nails 10d Framing Nails – The Preferred Material

For durability and corrosion resistance, many framers prefer using stainless steel clipped head nails instead of conventional carbon steel nails. The passive chromium oxide layer on stainless steel effectively prevents rusting and corrosion, even under exposure to weather elements. Some of the benefits of using stainless steel framing nails include:

• Lifelong corrosion resistance: Stainless steel nails maintain their structural integrity for the lifetime of the wood structure, unlike carbon steel nails that start rusting within a few years.
• No stain marks: Since stainless steel is corrosion resistant, it does not leach iron particles that can stain wood surfaces over time.
• Compatibility: Stainless steel is compatible for use with other metals like aluminum and copper fasteners.
• Recyclability: Stainless steel nails can be recycled at the end of the structure’s life.

While offering all the advantages, the cost of stainless steel framing nails is higher compared to conventional carbon steel nails. However, for critical applications where long-term reliability is essential, the upfront cost of stainless nails is offset by their longevity and maintenance-free performance.

China – The Leading Supplier of Stainless Steel Clipped Head Nails

With large scale production and competitive pricing, China has emerged as the dominant global supplier of stainless steel nails, including China 21 degree clipped head nails. Chinese manufacturers offer a wide variety of stainless nails in grades like 304, 316 and other specialty alloys.

When procuring stainless nails from China, look for reputable suppliers that meet the following criteria:

• Quality certifications: Suppliers that have obtained ISO, CE or other international quality certifications.
• Production capability: Suppliers with advanced automatic production lines and large manufacturing capacities.
• Inspection and testing: Suppliers that conduct strict material and product testing to ensure quality and specifications.
• Aftersales support: Suppliers that provide technical support, replacement warranty and on-time delivery.