The Right Staples Play Important Role For Your Fencing Project

Aug 7, 2023 | NEWS

Whether you’re building a new fence or repairing an existing one, staples are an essential fastener for securely attaching wire mesh and chain link fencing components. However, with different types, widths, lengths and gauges available, selecting the optimal staples for your fence can be confusing. This guide will explore the key factors to consider when choosing between narrow crown, wide crown and industrial grade staples.

type 90 narrow crown staples

Narrow Crown Staples

Narrow crown staples refer to those with a narrow width at the crown or top of the staple. They are most common in widths from 3/8 to 5/8 inch and lengths from 5/8 to 1 inch. Narrow crown staples work well for attaching lighter weight wire mesh and straining wire to wood fence posts.

Type 90 narrow crown staples are a common option. They have good holding power for their small size while still allowing the wire to move freely through the staple crown. The narrow form also makes them less visible once installed.

However, narrow crown staples may not grip heavier wire or cable as securely. The smaller insertion point can cause stress concentrations that lead to premature failure. For heavier duty applications, wide crown staples provide a better fastening option.

Wide Crown Staples

Wide crown staples have a wider indentation space at the staple crown to accommodate larger diameter wire and cable. They are available in crown widths from 1/2 inch up to 1 inch or more. Wider crowns provide a better seating surface and more gentle radius to distribute loads evenly on the wire.

1 inch wide crown staples are suitable for heavier gauge wire mesh up to 12 gauge, woven wire up to 11 gauge and galvanized cable up to 3/16 inch diameter. The broad crown spreads pressure across more wire surface area to reduce stress and resist pull-through.

For chain link fences, 1 inch crowns secure both top and bottom tension wires as well as chain link mesh. Their larger size makes wide crown staples visible after installation, so color matched options are available for privacy fences.

20 Gauge Wire

Most standard wire staples for fences are made from 20 gauge wire for an ideal balance of strength and rigidity. Heavier 18 gauge staples provide more bearing area and stiffness but are less flexible to install. Lighter 22 or 24 gauge staples may bend or splay out easier when driving.

For heavier-duty fencing, choose industrial grade staples made with 13 or 11 gauge wire. They have significantly thicker legs and crown for securely fastening cables and extra-heavy wire mesh. While more expensive, these oversized staples can be worthwhile for extremely high load applications.

When selecting staples for your fence, consider the wire and cable sizes you need to secure. Narrow crown staples work well for lighter weight wire mesh. Wide 1 inch crowns provide better load distribution and holding power for heavier coated wires, cables and chains. And wide crown 20 gauge staples suit standard applications, while thicker industrial grades handle extreme loads. By matching staple features to your specific fence components and materials, you can ensure a fastening that will securely hold for years.