Durable 21 Degree Plastic Collated Framing Nails

Jun 29, 2023 | NEWS

Just like hardened steel versions, 21 degree plastic collated coil nails with their extra incline point offer durable fastening for demanding outdoor projects. Their angled design aids smooth penetration into pressure treated lumber and harder wood types with less splitting risk. Here are details on 21 degree plastic framing nails along with factors to keep in mind when using them.

What Are 21 Degree Plastic Nails?

21 degree plastic collated framing nailer features a nail point ground to an angle of 21 degree plastic collated framing nails relative to the nail shaft. This beveled nail tip allows for easier start and penetration into denser framing materials compared to standard 15 degree plastic nails. The extra angle on 21 degree plastic nails helps minimize splitting of pressure treated wood and hardwood frames during installation. These nails typically feature impact resistant plastic caps and composite shafts for durability.

How Do 21 Degree Plastic Nails Work?

The extra inclined point on 21 degree plastic nails acts more like a wedge when driving into wood. This aids spreading of framing materials outward after penetration and reduces the chance of splitting or tear-throughs. Since they drive smoothly, 21 degree plastic nails allow contractors to complete fastening work faster. However, they require deeper embedment to achieve optimum holding power. Given their increased hardness, 21 degree plastic nails also suffer less wear and deformation than 15 degree versions.

Benefits Of 21 Degree Plastic Nails

• Reduced splitting: The angled design of 21 degree nails reduces splitting of dense hardwoods and pressure treated lumber during framing.
• Fast installation: 21 degree nails drive smoothly through framing materials for rapid project completion.
• Secure holding: Once embedded sufficiently deep, 21 degree nails provide durable fastening for outdoor structures.
• Lightweight: Being plastic, 21 degree nails reduce hand fatigue compared to standard hardened steel nails.

Top 5 Factors To Consider When Using 21 Degree Plastic Collated Framing Nail

When using 21 degree plastic framing nails in your projects, consider:

• Coil type: Check your framing nailer can use plastic collated coils before purchasing 21 degree nails.
• Nail length: Use nail lengths suited for the lumber thickness to achieve proper embedment.
• Impact resistance: Select higher impact plastic caps for denser hardwoods and pressure treated wood.
• Temperature operating range: Most plastic nails have maximum operating temperatures that need monitoring.
• Head style: Choose from common, box and screw head styles as required for appearance and function.