34 Degree Paper Collated Framing Nails For Exterior Projects

Jun 30, 2023 | NEWS

Paper collated nails with an angled tip of 34 degrees specially designed for exterior framing applications. The sharper beveled point of these paper nails aids smooth and controlled penetration into pressure treated lumber and dense hardwoods with less splitting. Here are details on 34 degree paper collated framing nails and factors to consider when using them.

What Are 34 Degree Paper Nails?

34 degree paper collated framing nails have a nail tip ground at an angle of 34 degrees relative to the nail shaft. The sharper angle on these nails allows for easier driving and faster penetration compared to standard 15 degree and 21 degree paper nails. The extra inclined design of 34 degree paper framing nails benefits exterior projects that require fastening into denser framing materials like pressure treated lumber and hardwoods. These nails typically feature a paper strip or tape collar around the nail shaft that enables use in coil nailers.

How 34 Degree Paper Nails Work?

The steeper 34 degree angle on the nail point of these paper framing nails aids initial penetration and driving force required to embed the nail into dense wood materials. Once inside the wood, the angled nail tip spreads the material outward reducing issues like splitting and tear-throughs. Due to their smoother entry, 34 degree paper nails allow contractors to complete fastening work at a faster pace. However, deeper embedment becomes essential for achieving optimum holding power with these paper nails.

Features Of 34 Degree Paper Nails

• Reduced splitting: The sharpened design of 34 degree nails enables smooth piercing of hardwoods and pressure treated lumber with less splitting.
• Fast installation: The steeper angled point drives easily through framing materials for faster project completion.
• Secure holding: With sufficient embedment depth, 34 degree nails provide dependable fastening in exterior applications.
• Lightweight: Being paper collated, 34 degree framing nails reduce hand fatigue during repetitive nailing tasks.

There Are 6 Factors About Using Of 34 degree paper collated nails

When using 34 degree paper collated nails in your projects, consider:

• Coil compatibility: Check that your framing nailer can use paper collated coils before purchasing 34 degree nails.
• Nail lengths: Use longer nail lengths suited for thicker lumber pieces to achieve proper embedment.
• Recommended Use: Check manufacturer guidelines on recommended wood densities and moisture contents for optimum performance of 34 degree paper nails.
• Temperature range: Most paper collated nails have maximum operating temperatures that need monitoring.
• Head styles: Choose from common, screw and ring shank head options as required for appearance and durability.
• Life span: Given the material, plan for possible replacement of paper collated nails after 1-2 exterior projects.