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Apr 17, 2024 | NEWS

Fed up with nails that fail under stress? Seeking to enhance your woodworking tasks with accuracy and efficiency? Huazhen’s superior nails cater to both expert builders and DIY fans. Whether constructing a home, a deck, or embarking on any building task, Huazhen offers the ideal nails: 21-degree plastic collated, 34-degree galvanized framing, and 21-degree framing nails.

21 Degree Plastic Collated Nails: Efficiency Meets Versatility

The 21 Degree Plastic Collated Nails by Huazhen are a versatile fastening material mainly used in construction and repair projects. Made from high-quality steel, their surfaces may be specially treated to enhance corrosion resistance and strength. Key features of these nails include:

  • Angled at 21 degrees and plastic-collated, these nails work seamlessly with matching pneumatic nailers.
  • Plastic strips collate the nails, streamlining their use in nail guns for increased productivity.
  • Crafted for use with diverse wood types and materials, these nails are ideal for framing, roofing, siding, and wood construction.
  • Their design promotes smooth loading and sturdy construction, enhancing joint reliability, favored in building and renovation.
  • These nails are made to fit a wide array of pneumatic nail guns that accept 21-degree plastic collated nails.

What Types of Wood are These Nails Suitable for?

Huazhen’s 21-degree plastic collated nails are well-suited for various wood types, including, but not limited to:

  • Softwoods: such as pine, spruce, and poplar, which are softer and easily penetrated by nails.
  • Hardwoods: like oak, maple, and birch are more durable and harder, yet these nails, precisely crafted, possess adequate strength and sharpness to effectively penetrate hardwood.
  • Engineered woods: including plywood, OSB, and MDF, are extensively used in modern construction and decor, with the 21-degree nails providing reliable fixation.

Designed for high versatility and adaptability, these nails meet diverse construction needs, performing excellently in both light and heavy wooden structures. However, the specific type of wood and project requirements should guide nail selection to ensure safety and efficiency during construction.

34 Degree Galvanized Framing Nails: Rust-Proof Protection for Longevity

The 34 Degree Galvanized Framing Nails are designed for wooden framework construction and are typically used with pneumatic or electric nail guns of the same angle. Here are their advantages and features:


  • Resistant to corrosion: The galvanization process allows these nails to withstand moisture and corrosion, thus extending their lifespan.
  • High strength: Durable and robust, they provide necessary support when bearing heavy loads.
  • Precise angle: A 34-degree angle allows the nails to align closely with the wood surface for a more secure connection.
  • Versatile material compatibility: They are suitable not only for standard wood but also for engineered wood products like plywood or OSB.


  • Galvanized coating: This layer enhances their protection against exposure to moisture and chemicals.
  • Good compatibility: They fit a variety of 34-degree nail guns across different brands and models, offering flexible construction options.
  • Effective fixation: Specially designed nail heads and shanks ensure stability and load-bearing capacity when fixed into wood.
  • Varied specifications: Available in multiple lengths and diameters to suit diverse framing projects.

Favored in the construction industry for their quality and versatility, 34 Degree Galvanized Framing Nails are well-suited for new constructions, home renovations, and bridge building, among other wooden framework applications.

34 Degree Galvanized Framing Nail

Some precautions for using 34 Degree Galvanized Framing Nails

When using 34 Degree Galvanized Framing Nails for safety and quality, heed these guidelines:

Match your nail gun to the nails’ angle and size to prevent safety or construction problems.

  1. Select nail specifications and lengths suitable for your materials; different woods may need various nails.
  2. Keep in mind, despite corrosion resistance, excessive moisture can cause rust—exercise extra care.
  3. Always protect yourself with safety goggles and earplugs to prevent injury from splinters and noise.
  4. Store unused galvanized nails off the ground in a dry area to avoid rust and dirt.
  5. For proper and safe nailing, hold the tool straight against the work surface; angles can cause damage.
  6. Regularly check your nail guns and nails for wear or damage that could affect safety or quality.
  7. Be aware that certain treated woods can corrode metal; ensure compatibility with galvanized nails before use.

Adhering to these considerations enhances construction efficiency, ensures safety, and upholds project quality.

21 Degree Framing Nails: The Gold Standard for General Construction

21 Degree Framing Nails, held in high regard by construction and carpentry pros, boast design excellence and adaptability. Here’s why they’re preferred:

  • Enhanced Holding Power: Framing tasks stand firm, given the 21-degree angle’s superior grip.
  • Pneumatic Tool-Friendly: Engineered to align with diverse pneumatic nailers, they promise quick, consistent nailing.
  • Full Round Heads: Meeting regional building codes everywhere, these full-head nails enhance structural soundness.
  • Material Versatility: Whether stainless steel or galvanized, they resist moisture and corrosion, thereby extending their life.
  • Collated for Orderliness: Provided in decomposable plastic strips, these nails offer a tidy job site alternative to wire-bound options.
  • User-Friendly: With precise collation, nail gun clogs are minimized, boosting productivity and shortening project timelines.
  • Wide Size Selection: Catering to residential and commercial needs, they’re available in various sizes to suit multiple projects.

Known for their robustness, ease, and strict code compliance, 21 Degree Framing Nails stand as a go-to in the building industry for reliable execution across various structure types.

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